The protagonist

The Protagonist was the first character introduced and made his first appearance at the end of the first episode. He is portrayed as a new player to Minecraft and the series centers around him learning how to survive. He 


The Noob sports a very casual look with brown hair with two dots sticking up, a white shirt, jeans & black shoes.

Appears InEdit

Spawn: After a very long period of evolution and history, he spawns in a grassy medow.

Shelter: A player adviced him to build a shelter but he got distracted by a pig, when night came he was killed by the onslaught of mobs. Having learnt a lesson he immediantly built a dirt house shelter.

Crafting: When he was mining he wasnt able to get stuff because he doesn't have a pick. So a player teaches him how to craft.

Mining: A player and him found an abadoned mineshaft so they desided to go there, but the noob didn't like it there. Sure then when he was able to get out of the cave the player went missing.

Farming: He finds himself hungry, so he got alot of stuff. Then he suddenly passes out after eating it, or he'd been unconcious. He wakes up to find himself in a village to learn how to farm. 


^We're not sure if he'll be in "Hero" because it speaks of someone else saving a village



The Protagonist waving.


  • While he has yet to be given any lines he almost spoke during episode 2 but before he had the chance to he was shot by Lawrence the skeleton.
  • He lives in possibly the most advanced dirt house in Minecraft History actually adding things on to it.