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Lawrence in "Crafting"

==Lawrence The Skeleton==

Lawrence is a Skeleton in the series Dig Build Live.  He is a recurring character that first appeared in Shelter.


He's a Skeleton with a pig & a parasol

Appears InEdit

  • Episode 2 Shelter, his first appearence trolling The Noob everytime he would come out of his house, shooting him.  Either being under a tree, in a pool, or on top of an unlit house with a parasol.  Last shows up on a mountain top on a pig with a parasol.
  • Every Credits sequence after Shelter with his pig
  • Episode 3 Crafting, He only appears in the beginning leaning against a tree with his Bow.  He apperently knows the Miner Guy.


  • He seems to like torturing Noob any chance he gets.
  • He has possibly made friends with the Miner Guy.
  • He is living proof of how much advanced a Skeleton's AI is.