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The Griefer in Farming


The Griefer is solemnly what his name is. It is unknown if he has a name or if he will ever say anything in the series. So far he's appeared twice in the series


The Griefer dresses In a somewhat traditional Griefer fashion wearing his clothes in a weird way. He wears a top hat with a suit with a tail, a white shirt and red bow tie. He doesn't wear any pants only having white underwear with red hearts on them. He also sports long hair and a mustache

Appears inEdit

  • Every credits scene starting with Shelter
  • He appears in Shelter during the second night just showing up and burning down a forest near The Noob's house, actually doing him a favor, no trees means no mobs can hid under them.
  • He appears again in episode 5 Farming coming out of a gravel block and steals a nickle from a villager kid


  • His design is very similar to Wario
  • He could be the first occurrence of naturally spawning Griefers