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Dood in "Crafting"


Dood is another player that The Noob meets when he first spawns. He is sometimes known as "The Guide" because he helps The Noob around his his first 4 days in Minecraft. But unlike The Noob who is a human person it is speculated that Dood was BORN as a Minecraft character since the crafting book he gives Noob in Crafting he says he got it from his dad who got it from his dad's grandpappy's uncle. But After episode 4, Mining after disappearing in the Mine Shaft he respawned possibly where he first spawned in a far away desert with a sign saying "DOOD was here".

Ever since then no one knows when he will appear in another episode. He has a more laid back personality than Noob. He speaks in a way that a surfer would speak with a few hints of a British/Austrailian/New Zealand dialects.


Much like Noob he has a casual look with long blonde hair a white shirt and overalls with brown shoes.


  • He seems to be the rare occasion of character that isn't human but born into the game.
  • His family might have been around either Alpha, Indev, or 1.3.3 Times
  • It's still unknown when he will show up again in the show
  • He apparently was born in a desert
  • Possibly the richest character in the show, since a girl at a store asked him for Diamond Blocks in the episode Crafting