Dig Build Live Episode 3 Crafting-1

Dig Build Live Episode 3 Crafting-1

Episode 3: Crafting

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Title Card for Crafting

This is the third episode of the animated series Dig Build Live


The Noob finds a new fasination for Crafting


The episode starts out with the Miner Guy pushing his cart along past Lawrence the Skeleton which he appears to know.  Cut to Noob who is trying to mine, with his fists, he eventually gives up and starts to walk out of the cave.  Dood is outside the cave talking to a chicken until he sees Noob walking out & tells him in order to mine he has to craft some tools for help.  Noob does this by pulling the wool off sheep and driving sticks into wooden planks, creating a Frankenpick.  Dood soon gives him his "Craft-o-Matic 5000" to use for himself as well as a book that his Dad gave him filled with almost all of the crafting recipies with a few pages missing.

Soon after getting the hang of the new table Noob soon crafts his bed for the night.  As soon as the sun begins to set the Miner Guy comes up to a rather dangerous looking Mineshaft & after he stops for a rest his cart rolls into the mine and he chases after it.


~:Very minor appearence


  • Player animations physically show them tearing wool from sheep
  • Introduction to Frankenpicks
  • Crafting Tables now show holographic interface
  • The inclusion of useless Pink Flamingos
  • Mineshafts that spawn overground


  • The fact that Dood got the Crafting Book from his from his dad which he had gotten it from his Dad's Grandpappy's Uncle proves that Dood is a being born in Minecraft
  • The missing pages of the Book could become a plot point for a later episode in the series
  • Frankenpick's whearabouts are unknown & only appears in the credits sequence, though it might appear in an episode later
  • The pink flamingo Noob crafts with the table is actually getting a working mod made


  • Before Noob brings Frankenpick to life there are a few broken wood picks around, he couldn't have made those without a crafting table.